Double ‘J’ Stent Short Term

Size: 3 – 8 Fr

Lengths: 8 – 32 cm

Available in PU Material.

Bioflex – Mid Term

Size: 3 – 8 Fr

Lengths: 8 – 32 cm

Double ‘J’ Stent with carbo thane material.

Pretoflex – Long Term

Size: 4.5 Fr, 4.8 Fr, 5 Fr, 5.5 Fr, 6 Fr

Lengths: 24 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm

Double ‘J’ Stent with silicon based material.

Used for internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder. Highly radiopaque for better visualization & has an extremely low encrustation tendency.

*Also available with marker pusher.

Available in: Open end, Closed end, One end multi loop, Both end multi loop.

Endopyelotomy Stent

Used for temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) to the bladder following incision of a stricture.

Size: 4/8 Fr, 5/10 Fr, 6/12 Fr, 7/14 Fr, 7/16 Fr

Lengths: 16 – 28 cm

Re-entry Malecot Catheter

Used as a Nephrostomy catheter and Ureteral stents. Used for drainage, tract maturation and maintenance for percutaneous procedures.

Size: 8/4 – 20/8 Fr

Lengths: 30 cm, 45 cm, 48 cm

PCN Catheter

Used for temporary or permanent drainage & irrigation of urine from the kidney by direct puncture, in the presence of distal obstruction.

Available in: With needle,Without needle, With lock, With lock & needle, With or without urine bag.

Size: 6 Fr, 7 Fr, 8 Fr, 8.5 Fr, 9 Fr, 10 Fr, 12 Fr, 14 Fr, 16 Fr, 18 Fr

Lengths: 22 – 30 cm

*Also available as PCN Set (PCN Cath, Guidewire, IP Needle, Fascial Dilators, Scalpel blade)

Urethral Stent

Used for stenting the urethra after hypospadias or Epispadias repair and to provide post operative drainage of the bladder.

Size: 8 Fr, 10 Fr, 12 Fr

Lengths: 25 cm


Used for temporary urinary diversion and drainage.

Size: 8 Fr, 10 Fr, 12 Fr, 14 Fr, 16 Fr, 18 Fr

Lengths: 25 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm

*Also available with Metallic Split Cannula

Suprapubic / Malecot Catheter

The Malecot flower design is ideally suited for the drainage of thick viscous fluids. Used for percutaneous placement of a malecot catheter in the renal pelvis for nephrostomy drainage.

Available in: Normal malecot, Suprapubic catheter, Round tip, Malecot catheter with detachable hubs, With or without Urine Bag

Suprapubic8 – 20 Fr20 – 25 cm

8 – 20 Fr

20 – 30 cm

*Also available as Malecot / Drainage Set (Malecot cath, Guidewire, IP Needle, Fascial dilators, Scalpel blade)