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Accel Medical is engaged in importing and distribution of innovative medical devices throughout India. We are the authorised exclusive representative for Silirus Intragastric Balloon, an innovative medical solution for those struggling with obesity. We strive to improve your health and lifestyle with the best innovative solutions.

Revolutionary Intragastric Balloon System

Intragastric balloon system for correction of excess body weight - revolution in weight loss without surgery. The entire endoscopic, outpatient procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes. It is a short but effective weight loss treatment when diet and exercise do not work out.

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Accel Medical aims at providing innovative medical devices for various health problems and ensures a robust medical devices ecosystem in the country.

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With advanced technology, we offer innovative medical solutions to fight various health and lifestyle issues. With years of experience in the medical field, we understand the patient’s needs and problems and with a perfect solution, we strive to resolve their problem.

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Silirus Intragastric Balloon System

Silirus Intragastric balloon system is a simple endoscopic procedure which helps in weight loss by inserting a soft, high-quality elliptical shape silicone balloon comfortably into your stomach.

  • Non-Surgical
    The intragastric balloon can be inserted into the stomach and can be easily removed. It requires no surgery.
  • Effective and Safe
    Within 6 months, the patients lose around 15 - 30 kgs which also improves their overall health. With a nutritious diet and proper exercise, weight loss becomes more manageable.
  • Proven Results
    Weight loss results with Silirus Intragastric balloon have been proven effective by many patients.
  • Non-Permanent
    The Intragastric balloon will be removed after the results are obtained, so it is a non-permanent procedure.
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