Multiple options

Various basket shapes, handle designs and materials

Ergonomic handles

Easy basket rotation and complete disassembling.

Excellent memory & strength

Nitinol baskets for kink resistance.

Basket Shapes


G-Paw is designed to offer advantages of both a stone grasper and a stone basket. It allows easy grasp, release, and removal of stones of various sizes throughout the urinary tract.


X-Circle provides a unique net-type geometry to capture and extract intact stones and prevent migration.

Perk Basket

Perk baskets are designed to enable atraumatic stone extraction in PCNL cases.

Stone Stop

Stone Stop is used to prevent stone migration to the kidney during lithotripsy.

For Efficient Stone Retrieval

Adjustable knob

Controlled and assured basket expansion.

Easier grabbing

Diverse shapes and sizes allows easier stone manipulation, capture, and removal

Various sheaths

PTFE / PEEK / Polyamide / Polyamide Braided

Segura with tip

Segura with tip comes with rounded edges to reduce ureteral trauma during stone manipulation.

Balloon shape

Balloon shape permits atraumatic capture of calyceal stone even at the base of the kidney’s calyxes.

Segura tipless

Segura tipless is designed for easier maneuverability in the kidney and the ureter..

Helical with tip

Helical design effiectively captures the stone and facilitates the retention of stone in the basket.

URS forceps

URS forceps are used for grasping, manipulating and extracting calculi from ureteral and renal pelvis

Stone grasper

Stone grasper is used for removal and retrieval of calculi or foreign objects under direct vision. It allows the grasper to open wider in a short distance and permits close proximity to the stone.

Application: Used for manipulation and removal of ureteral stones from the bladder, renal pelvis, and ureter.

Types of Handle

Thumb Movement Handle

Ergonomic and detachable handle design.

Fish Shape Handle

Designed for easy maneuverability and grasping

Finger Movement Handle

Complete disassembly possible.

Types of Handle




Available Options