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A technological innovation, providing patients with more security

Disposable circumcision anastomat is a surgical instrument for circumcision and suturing surgery on Male Urology. It is characterized of simple operation, safe and efficient, simultaneous completion of circumcision and suturing. It is a pioneering invention on urologic surgical procedures. Traditional circumcision and suturing surgery approaches have shortcomings such as complicated surgery, long duration, more hemorrhage, painful, rare neat incision, postoperative hematoma. ZSR disposable circumcision anastomat can solve all problems. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male urological surgeries be refined, safe, rapid and perfect.

Patented design
with Quality Assurance

Safe and Painless
Aesthetic and Functional
Standard and Efficient

Product features

The operating principle of anastomat is similar with that of stapler. Through a mechanical driving device, anastomat will be put into a module in advance. After pass through two layers of tissues, the suturing nail of single-use prepuce cutting anastomat will be blacked by the front pin-resisting seat and bent inward to make two layers of tissues nailed together. The suturing nail is made of 316L stainless steel; it has a relative good biocompatibility. As suturing nails are lined up with equal distance and suturing tightness is appropriate, thus, the defects that the manual suture is too sparse or too dense and that the ligation is too tight or too loose can be avoided, which not only guarantees the good healing of tissues, but also largely shortens the operation time.

Comparison between traditional surgery approaches and circumcision

Why this best

 Traditional surgeryCircumcision surgery (various inner + outer caliper)ZSR disposable circumcision anastomat
Anesthesia required or notRequredRequredRequred
Surgery durationMore than 3O minMore than 15 min3-5 min
SecurityPossiblity of damageReletively safesafe
Hemorrhage during the surgeryA lotFewExtremely few almost no
Postoperative painLast for 3-4 DaysLast for one weekPainless during the surgery. Slight pain last for 15 min
Hematoncus or notCommonOccasionallyRare
Stitches removal after surgeryremove the stitches 10 days after the surgeryRemove the carver one week after the surgery. The incision is prone to cracking after removal of t he caliper.No removal of stitches requred. The stitches will drop off automaticaly.
Limitation durationIt is prohibited to take movement for two weeks, and sexual for two months.It prohibited to take movement for MO weeks, and sexual for two months .It is prohibited to take movement for one week and sexual for one months.
Incision observationNot flat ! When bleedng again the patients need to go back to the hospital for secondary suturing. Long healing duration required.Relativety flatter When bleeding again, the patient' need to go back to the hospital for secondary suturing. Long healing duration required.Very flat Rapid healing
Postoperative nursingNeed to go back to the hospial for several time for dressing nursing.Need to go back to the hospial for several time for dressing nursing.Determine to go back to the hospital for dresing nursing or not ten days after the surgery
AcceptabilityThe adult can easly accept the surgery. However children can hardly accept due to a great amount of anesthesiaIt can only applicable to the adult It is can hardly accepted both for the adult and children.Both the adult and children are easily accept the surgery.
Other influenceThe incision can hardly meet the requirements. Occasionally it may cause damage to penis. too mush foreskin frenum resection. .The incision can hardly meet the requirements. It is easy to cause refection Long duration of swelling and painBoth penis and foreskin frenum are completely protected by nail base No complications will ocure
Physicians opinionIt is very trouble. long duration. serious hematoma. Pain, not easy to acceptSwelling , angina. Must go back to the hospital one week after the surgery to remove caliper. not easy to acceptSafe, painless, short surgery during. efficient and convenient. It is pleasant to accept the surgery.

Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

  • Patented design
  • Aesthetic and functional
  • Safe and painless
  • Standard and efficient
  • Humanized
  • Quality Assurance
Dr. Krishna Mohan
MS, DNB (Urology) Fellow of Robotic Surgery (SEOUL)
Authorized and certified ZSR Circumcision center in Calicut

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Accel Medical is Authorized distributor in Kerala

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